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Columbia Journalism Review

“I love this!”
–David Carr, New York Times

Founded in 2010 by Michael Mason, This Land Press is a media company that produced a semi-monthly magazine, award-winning radio programs, and acclaimed video works.

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Powerfully writtenHead Cases sounds an alarm bell for our health care system, reminding us how difficult it is for people with such injuries to get adequate treatment. But it reveals, too, how in many cases, given time and the right sort of expert therapy, the brain is capable of remarkable recovery and adaptation.”

–Oliver Sacks

July 2015
“What Would Jodo Do? An essay on the spiritual life of cities,” This Land

Feb 2014
“Father of Fight Club: On the Influence of Ellison’s Invisible Man”

September 2013
“On Journalism,” Columbia Journalism Review

March 2013
“Imaginary Oklahoma,” This Land Press (publisher)

January 2013
“Behold the Sky” This Land Press

September 2012
“A Voice Was Sounding,” This Land Press (editor)

August 2011
“The Bottomless Ache of the Revolution,” This Land Press

March 2011
“The Future of Writing is in My Jacket”
The Late American Novel: Writers on the Future of Books (Counterpoint, March 2011) Edited by Jeff Martin and C. Max Magee.

September 2010

“An Obligation to Our Own”
This Land

April 2010
Narrative Lost and Found”
This Land

Feb. 2010
“Using Facebook to Find Yourself”
TBI Challenge

Jan. 2010
Op-Ed: “Football Concussions an Oklahoma Concern
Daily Oklahoman

Dec. 2009
The Disappearance of Ford Beckman
The Believer magazine

November 2009
Is Facebook the Newest Brain Therapy?”

March 2009
“Keeping Our Heads”
New York Times

December 2008
How to Be Your Own TBI Case Manager

October 2008
The Invention of Air

September 2008,
Burned at the Stake for Science

September 2008
How to Teach Science to the Pope

July 2008
The Truth About Traffic

June 2008
Finding Respite Care

April 2008
Head Cases: Stories of Brain Injury and Its Aftermath
Farrar Straus & Giroux

Dec. 2007,
Soldiering On
Advance magazine

October 2007
The 9/11 Syndrome
Discover magazine

September 2007
“Neurobehavioral Strategies and the Veteran”
Advance Rehabilitation

August 2007
Iraq’s Medical Meltdown
Discover magazine

June 2007
“Rethinking Our Approach to Behavioral Issues”
Case In Point magazine

June 2007
“Picking up the Pieces in TBI”
Advance Rehabilitation magazine

April 2007
Oklahoma a Tough State for Brain Injured
Tulsa World

March 2007
“Dead Men Walking”
Discover magazine


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